Johannesburg Climate Guide

Johannesburg weather is influenced by the city's distance from the sea as well as its altitude of 1753m (5750 ft) above mean sea level, resulting, in my opinion, one of the best climates in the world.

Johannesburg weather is characterised by mild temperate days, warm and windless in summer and crisp and clear in winter . Unlike other South African cities, such as Durban, you also really get the feeling of there being four distinct seasons in Johannesburg.
Summer weather over the relatively dry Highveld (the high plateau of the eastern part of the country, where Johannesburg is situated) results in warm and windless days, with virtually no humidity from September through March. Daily average temperatures are a mild 26°C, with some days reaching the low 30°C's. Nights are cooler and on average, a pleasant 16°C.
The rainy season is between September and April, and short, sharp showers usually fall during mid-afternoon, often accompanied by lightning and thunder and occasional hail, followed once again by sunshine. Johannesburg annual average rainfall of over 800mm is very similar to that of Perth in Australia, and more interestingly, London.
Winter typically lasts June through August, when days are usually crisp and sunny with virtually no rain, except for occasional cold fronts, which are accompanied by drizzle, as they move in from the Antarctic. Johannesburg weather during winter can be bleak with overnight frost, and although this is Africa, it can get bitterly cold! It is worth checking if where you are staying has central heating. Don’t expect it! The air also becomes very, very dry in winter so you will need lots of moisturiser.

Johannesburg Climate

Climate Statistics and Charts

Johannesburg and Johannesburg - OR Tambo International Airport average climate statistics based on historical records are presented in detailed chart format below.

Average Maximum Daytime Temperature

Johannesburg Climate - Average Maximum Temperatures Chart

Average Minimum Night-time Temperature

Johannesburg Climate - Average Minimum Temperatures Chart

Average Daily Hours of Sunshine

Johannesburg Climate - Average Daily Hours of Sunshine Chart

Average Number of Daylight Hours

Johannesburg Climate - Average number of Daylight Hours Chart

Average Monthly Amount of Rainfall

Johannesburg Climate - Average Monthly amount of Rainfall Chart

Average Monthly number of Days with Rain

Johannesburg Climate - Average number of Days with Rain Chart

Johannesburg Climate Guide