Covid-19 Update

Government Issued Covid-19 updates regarding air travel of South Africa for both Domestic and International Air Travel.

On the 26th March 2020, an amendment was made to the Disaster Management Act of South Africa 2002.

The act states that ALL passenger domestic, international and transit flights are prohibited irrespective of the risk category of the country of origin.

The exception to this amendment is that repatriation flights will continue that are made through Consular Services, both in South Africa and elsewhere.

Air Cargo flights will continue.

South Africa Covid-19 Recovery Plan

The South African Government published a phased recovry plan on 25th April 2020 consisting of 4 phases.

The 1st recovery phase is Stage 4 and and was implemented on the 1st May 2020.

Stage 3 followed and as of the 17th August, South Africa will enter stage 2 of the recovery plan.

Stage 3 and 2 will allow for domestic flights to take place where permission has been granted.

Stage 1 will allow all domestic and international flights to resume.

Inernational flights can only resume when the government implement stage 1.

The Covid-19 Recovery Plan is available HERE.

Repatriation for South African Citizens

Department of International Relations:

South African Citizens who are stranded abroad and wish to return to South Africa must contact the Department of International Relations.

Dirco 24-hour Command Centre:
+27 12 351 1754 or +27 12 351 1756
E-mail: or